Portland eyes 6-month ban on marijuana shops, though it may not matter

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What we’re talking about

In a very last-minute move today, two city councilors announced they were introducing a 6-month moratorium on weed shops in Portland to the agenda for tonight’s council meeting (which was still going on at this writing). It comes the day before the election, when Mainers are voting whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The hope, Councilor Ed Suslovic said, was to “allow staff more time to better coordinate potential city regulations with any that may be implemented by the state.”

But effectively, this could do little. Based on the wording of Question 1, if it passes, it could be more than a year before anyone can legally sell recreational pot in Maine.

Jake Bleiberg reports:

If approved as is by the council, the 11th-hour measure would enact a six-month moratorium on retail marijuana shops and social clubs in Portland when the law passes, according to a draft of the regulation provided by the city. The proposed ordinance comes as a response to ballot Question 1, which would legalize pot for recreational use by people 21 and up.

But under the timeline laid out by Question 1, those looking to sell pot might have to wait more than six months anyway.

If the ballot measure is approved, it wouldn’t take effect until 30 days after the governor certifies the election results. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry then has up to nine months to write regulations for the new industry. Thirty days after that, the department would open up the 90-day application period, during which would-be marijuana retailers could apply for a sales permit.

Jake is at the meeting now, and will have the results of the vote. Follow him on Twitter here.

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