Buzzfeed says Munjoy Hill is the most hipster neighborhood in Maine, but doesn’t know where it is

Good evening from the BDN Portland office on Congress Street. Today, someone on the internet is wrong; what’s up with those dead sea gulls; and the legal implications of the Noyes Street fire trial.

What we’re talking about

It’s Maine’s answer to Williamsburg, Brooklyn — the kind of neighborhood for people who love “$6 lattes, beards, recycled denim.”

At least, that’s what Buzzfeed says about Munjoy Hill, which the website listed at number 20 in its compilation of the hippest hoods in the country:

Tandem Coffee in Munjoy Hill is possibly the most hipster coffee shop, ever. It has “coffee knitting,” where local hipsters can communally knit shibori-dyed wool over almond lattes AND, if you thought it couldn’t get any more hipster, they also offer a “coffee & vinyl” subscription.

Here’s the biggest problem with this analysis: The places that Buzzfeed mentions in this latest list — such as Tandem — aren’t on The Hill.

Last time we checked, Tandem is on Anderson Street in East Bayside. And the other mention, Drifter’s Wife, is on Washington Avenue — which is also technically East Bayside. Sourced by the app Where Is Williamsburg?, Buzzfeed’s list is shakily researched.

You might want to double check your compass and GPS and consult a local before you visit some of the other spots on the list, because “Prospect Hill in Boston” is actually in Somerville. — Kathleen Pierce

In other news

Portland’s deadly fire trial could mean big changes for Maine landlords — Jake Bleiberg reports on what a conviction for landlord Gregory Nisbet could mean for landlords in Maine — and how the fire and subsequent trial have already changed housing safety in the city.

Officials know what’s killing Portland sea gulls, but not others across Maine — Around the time 45 sea gulls turned up dead in Deering Oaks Park, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife responded to “about a half dozen” reports of dead gulls throughout Maine. But those deaths don’t seem to have a uniform cause, a department official said.

Chef Cara Stadler is opening a new wine restaurant downtown — Kathleen reports:

She’s been dubbed one of the best chefs in the country, the world, Maine, Portland and Brunswick. Now Cara Stadler is teaming up with top wine guy Chris Peterman to open a vino emporium in the heart of Portland …

Big Ideas

No place should be a safe space for men to brag about assault — much less commit it — The BDN’s editorial board writes:

Trump’s repulsive view of women was revealed because he is running for president. There are many more men who think like Trump. Those who condemn Trump, especially men, can’t remain silent when their colleagues, friends or teammates say similar things, whether in a locker room, boardroom or lunchroom.

‘A Simple Plan to Fix the Presidential Debates’ — This came out prior to last night’s mature and thoughtful discourse on our nation’s future.

It’s worth re-reading.


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