‘Big Daddy Hacks’ and his South Portland team are playing for the title

More on the Little League playoffs in just a bit.

But first, the massive dinosaur discovered three years ago in Argentina — some say the biggest ever — is just now getting a name.

I mean, if you found the largest dinosaur ever, you’d want to wait until you came up with something perfect to name it, too, right? Like Megatron or something.

So what’s this 70-ton, 122-foot-long giant going to be named? Patagotitan mayorum.

Yeah. How about that for branding. Let’s just say this thing won’t be replacing the Tyrannosaurus Rex on any T-shirts or travel mugs anytime soon.

But speaking of someone who ought to be getting his own T-shirts…

What we’re talking about

This Maine little leaguer has taken the internet by storm for his brash introduction on national television. Richie Gilboy, the starting catcher of the South Portland baseball team competing in New England Little League Regional tournament this week, told viewers “back home they call me ‘Ricardo’ and I take big daddy hacks.” He then went out in Thursday afternoon’s game and took a big daddy hack, crushing a home run over the centerfield fence. Facebook and Twitter feeds blew up. The Maine team won again today, beating New Hampshire 7-6, and will take on Connecticut in the title game tomorrow at 1 p.m.

In case you missed it, the three insurance providers in Maine’s health insurance marketplace under Obamacare have been granted double-digit rate increases by the state’s insurance superintendent, Maine Public’s Patty Wight reported. Average rates will increase between about 18 and 27 percent for plans offered by Community Health Options, Anthem, and Harvard Pilgrim.

Two bodies found in or near Maine waters Thursday may have been identified Friday. A civilian rescuer told the Portland Press Herald a body found 15 nautical miles off the coast of Kennebunkport matches the description of elderly Massachusetts man Richard Pratt, whose sailboat was found unmanned near Cape Elizabeth a week ago, while Portland police positively identified a body found in the harbor near Long Wharf as Paul Kirchhoff, 42. Portland police are asking anyone who may have seen Kirchhoff in the hours before his death to call them at 874-8575.

South Portland is considering a rezone that would allow a coffee shop from Portland’s West End to move across the bridge, The Forecaster is reporting. The city of South Portland is eyeing an zoning tweak which would allow expanded business uses in the Meetinghouse Hill neighborhood, where Omi’s Coffee Shop owner Gail Bruzgo wants to move her operation. Omi’s has been on Brackett Street in Portland since 2013.

The Navy is holding one of its Navy Week outreach celebrations in Portland this month. The event will be held from Aug. 21 through Aug. 27, and will include demonstrations by Navy divers and performances by Navy bands. (For full disclosure, I’m a U.S. Navy Reserve officer, but I’m not involved with this event in any way.)

Tweet of the day

From podcaster Jim Moon:

The Big Idea

Could your underwear save you from back pain? Karl Zelik hopes so. The biomedical engineer from Vanderbilt University and his team have filed a patent for “smart underwear,” a sort-of undersuit with a tiny motor that disperses lifting pressure from your back to your thighs. A Harvard University reviewer called it “a practical solution that is based on an elegant design.”

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