The sad story of a Maine dog who gave everything for his family

More about Hemi the dog later in the newsletter. Get your tissues ready.

But first, what’s a fair price for wedding photography these days? A couple thousand bucks? Five?

How about $1 million?

That’s what a jury in Dallas is telling one couple to pay their wedding photographer after they repeatedly blasted her in a media campaign that the photographer said ruined her business.

Jurors believed photographer Andrea Polito, who said the contract language was up-front and clear on the point that newlyweds Andrew and Neely Moldovan needed to pay an additional $150 cover fee to receive their wedding album and high-resolution digital photos.

But when she asked for the fee, the Moldovans were incensed, sought and received widespread media coverage of their complaint that Polito was “holding the … pictures hostage.”

Work dried up for the photographer after all the negative publicity, despite the fact that she said she was only asking for an otherwise routine payment the couple previously agreed to. The jury listened, and now, although the verdict may be appealed, Polito is at least a step closer to getting much more than a $150 fee.

What we’re talking about

Ever heard of a ‘bud and breakfast’? Yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is. Down the road a piece in Cornish, Oxford County woman Trinity Madison wants to open something of a pop-up marijuana-themed bed-and-breakfast in the Cornish Inn, nestled in the town’s picturesque historic district. The Journal Tribune reports that not everyone in town is supportive of the idea.

The sad story of Hemi the dog is being shared far and wide. Hemi, a pit bull-lab mix, barked to wake his family up and get them out of the house when he noticed the Naples home was on fire earlier this week. But he didn’t make it out alive himself.

Lawmakers in Augusta overrode less than half of Gov. Paul LePage’s 27 outstanding vetoes today. The Legislature needed two-thirds majority in both chambers to pass a bill over the governor’s opposition, and only got that in 13 cases, including on one bill aiming to increase the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21. Lawmakers didn’t override LePage vetoes of a bill that would have banned cellphone use while driving or one that would have developed a long-term solar energy policy.

The owner of Sisters Gourmet Deli said the case of a man barging in and screaming that all the workers there are “going to hell” is not exactly a rare experience, according to WGME, CBS 13. “What happened here on Saturday was not new to us,” deli owner Michaela McVetty said. “I’ve seen hundreds of comments of people saying, ‘Kudos to the girls, how did they remain so calm?’ and, yes, kudos to the girls, but I’ll tell you right now they remained so calm because that is normal to them, they remained so calm because that’s every single day in Monument Square.” The man was charged on three counts, including one charge police consider a hate crime.

The city of Portland is rolling out, literally, new 64-gallon recycling carts. The 25,000 covered, rolling bins will be distributed to residents in the coming weeks and will be used to phase out use of the current, uncovered 16- and 18-gallon bins. City officials say they’ve heard constituent concerns that the new carts will be too big to handle, but are urging people to give them a try before they make up their minds.

Tweet of the day

From retired Portland firefighter Ed Fletcher:

The Big Idea

Debate continues on about whether a Nazi submarine attacked an American chemical plant during World War II. You’d think this would be pretty cut-and-dry, right? It’d be hard to miss a German U-boat launching an attack on U.S. soil. But the story of a Nazi sub surfacing and firing on strategic targets on the North Carolina coast is something of a legend. Many locals have said over the years they saw a spotlight appear from the direction of the ocean and scan the area, then heard artillery fire. One man working late at a chemical plant producing the compound for aviation fuel said he heard the shells whistling by the facility. It wasn’t a successful attack, if it happened. Many historians still insist it never did.  You can read why here.

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