The thing Mainers say they hate most (is what some of you will be doing tonight)

In this week’s sign of the looming apocalypse, a new app has been created to help people bond over things they share mutual hatred of.

The app — called Hater, of course — gives users 3,000 celebrities, activities and concepts to like, dislike, love or hate. (Why didn’t they call it “Lover”? Why focus on the negative? Anyway…)

According to the Huffington Post, the app then puts your feelings about these things into an algorithm and pairs you up with others who feel similarly.

So what’s the most hated thing in Maine, as determined by Hater users?

“Boys’ Night.”

And as it’s Friday, I bet a lot of people are going to hit the Old Port for Maine’s most loathed social tradition.

Some of the things people in other states disproportionately hate are just odd. People in Nebraska, for instance, just can’t stand friendly email reminders. I get that they can be annoyingly passive aggressive, but the most hated thing on Earth?

Folks in Arizona, they hate sand. Don’t you think they should’ve considered that before moving to Arizona? Illinois users are up in arms about biting into string cheese, for some reason, while people who use money clips are a pet peeve for folks in Pennsylvania.

What we’re talking about

President Donald Trump’s limitations on refugees entering the country has translated into fewer refugees in Maine. The organization responsible for helping all refugees resettle in the state says it expects to resettle 350 refugees in Maine by the end of September, the lowest number in at least seven years.

The victim’s stepmother in the Anthony Sanborn Jr. murder case wants the judge overseeing an upcoming hearing to step down. Sanborn was convicted of stabbing 16-year-old Jessica Briggs to death on the Maine State Pier in 1989, but he’s now trying to get that conviction thrown out. Briggs’ stepmother told Jon Chrisos of WGME, CBS 13, in an exclusive interview that she doesn’t think Cumberland County Superior Court Justice Joyce Wheeler is impartial in the case. A key hearing which was scheduled to begin Monday has now been postponed until October.

Fans of Union Bagel Co. will soon have a second place in the city to pick up their bagels. The Forecaster reports that Union Bagel is adding a location at 46 Veranda St. in East Deering. Union Bagel has had a spot at 147 Cumberland Ave. since 2013.

The east side of Saco Island could get quite a makeover. The Journal Tribune reports that developer Bernie Saulnier wants to put 80 to 90 residential units, 60 to 70 boutique hotel units, a restaurant and a marina on the six-acre lot.

Tweet of the day

From video game animator John Butkus:

The Big Idea

In an effort to prove that it’s impossible to make physical structures out of dark matter, this scientist failed so miserably he now believes you can in fact make entire worlds out of dark matter. It’s good he went into it with an open mind, I guess. A whole world made out of dark matter seems like the sort of place an evil villain would live. As dark matter doesn’t interact with photons and, thus, light, our eyes wouldn’t be capable of seeing a dark matter planet. We couldn’t even really walk on it. “If you tried to land on the surface, you’d sink right through, since there’s no electrostatic repulsion between your atoms and the dark matter,” said Rutgers University astrophysicist Matthew Buckley. “You’d feel the gravity of the object though, so you’d fall in.”

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