Some reader suggestions on what to name the new hockey team

It’s the last newsletter of the week. Time to put your feet up.

In last night’s edition of The Express, we passed along the news that Portland will get a new professional hockey team in 2018, and asked for your suggestions on what to name it.

Your ideas came in through Facebook, Twitter and email. Here they are – with a special thanks to Ken C. for being by far the most prolific name generator of the bunch:

  • The Portland Pucks
  • The Portland Icebreakers
  • The Casco BayJammers
  • The Portland BayBlades
  • The Coastal Crusaders
  • The Casco Bay Islanders
  • Portland United (which can conveniently be shortened to “PU” if they aren’t playing well)

I like the idea behind the Casco Bay Islanders, but this incoming team will be owned by the parent company of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, who are division rivals with the big league New York Islanders, so I doubt they’d approve that name.

Icebreakers and BayBlades are fun ones to consider. Keep the ideas coming.

Also, don’t forget that Pride Portland continues this weekend, with the big parade taking place tomorrow. Here’s the parade route:

Let’s catch you up on some headlines, shall we?

What we’re talking about

The Legislature is still stuck at an impasse on the state budget, which will need to be approved by the end of this month to avoid a government shutdown. Gov. Paul LePage met with leaders of both parties today in what sources called a long, but relatively unproductive dialogue. One major sticking point seems to be how much money the state should allocate to fund education.

Rockers Queens of the Stone Age are coming to Portland — The hard rock band perhaps most widely known for their 2002 single “No One Knows” will play at the State Theatre in October. Tickets go on sale next Thursday at 10 a.m. Listen to that single here.

The cocktail lounge Opium opened this week, and the BDN’s Kathleen Pierce checked it out. The place previously made news for what some people considered a poor choice of a name, given Maine’s ongoing opiate crisis. But Kathleen writes that the cocktails are inventive and theatrically prepared. See her sneak peak video on Facebook live here.

Do you have chickens? Do you not want them to die of horrible, painful illnesses? Maine scientists have some tips on how to avoid that. Although you’ll never be completely safe, as this terrifying quotation by Dr. Justin Bergeron of the Department of Agriculture explains: “There is nothing we can do if a duck flies over and deposits a wonderful load of virus.” So there.

Lawmakers want to prevent petitioners from just focusing on Portland — It’s long been the case that signature gatherers hoping to force a statewide referendum could camp out in the more heavily populated city of Portland and just stock up on names. Maine Public’s Steve Mistler reports that a new bill seeks to require campaigns to gather signatures from at least 10 percent of the gubernatorial voters in each congressional district, forcing petitioners to spend some time up north as well.

Online retail giant Amazon is going to buy Whole Foods Market — The pricetag is $13.7 billion. Comedians are having a field day with “I knew it was expensive, but…” jokes. There’s a very popular Whole Foods store in Bayside, of course. Amazon officials say they plan to continue to operate the stores under the Whole Foods brand name as a separate part of the company.

Tweet of the day

From your 1st District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree:

The Big Idea

Have British authorities looked the other way as Russian assassins slaughtered adversaries on English soil? A two-year investigation by BuzzFeed uncovered some damning evidence linking a series of suspicious deaths to Russian hitmen. But U.K. police consistently ruled out foul play, despite a mountain of intelligence pointing to the contrary, BuzzFeed reported.

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