Portland to consider banning wild animal performances, like circus elephants

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Tonight Mayhew is running; the city council looks at banning circus animals; and luxury condos get rejected, for a change.

What we’re talking about

Well, it’s official: Mary Mayhew’s running for governor — As the BDN’s Michael Shepard reports, the former Department of Health and Human Services commissioner is the face of current Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s aggressive welfare agenda. That should make her very popular among some voters, and very unpopular among others.

In kicking off her campaign, Mayhew posted some aspirational front pages for Maine. Here’s a roundup of some real Mayhew headlines.

Drunken wedding guests may ruin island golf carts for everyone else — Our friends over at WGME, CBS 13, are among the media outlets to report that, in response largely to the poor behavior of intoxicated summer wedding guests, the City Council is considering new rules restricting golf cart use on the Casco Bay islands. Your days of riding around standing up or with a passenger in your lap may be going away. Your days of drinking while operating a vehicle should have never happened.

Portland city councilor wants to ban circus animals — The Portland City Council will have its Health and Human Services committee look into a proposal by councilor Brian Batson to adopt an ordinance banning “wild animals” from performing in the city, according to WMTW television and others. While the specific animals which would be banned have not been decided, circus acts like elephants and big cats seem like strong possibilities. The last time the Kora Shrine Circus came to the civic center, demonstrators gathered to protest the circus treatment of animals (although reps from that circus previously told the Press Herald it treats its animals humanely).

Higgins Beach innkeepers resist condo offers, stay true to history — The BDN’s Kathleen Pierce tells us that the former owners of the Higgins Beach Inn in Scarborough could have turned their charming colonial revival building into luxury condos, but wanted buyers who would honor the history and community of the inn. They found them.

House rejects LePage’s nip nix — The House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to overturn Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of a bill to add small liquor bottles — AKA nips —  to Maine’s bottle redemption program, BDN’s Christopher Cousins reports. The small bottle bill, sponsored by Rep. Anne-Marie Mastraccio, D-Sanford, add wine or spirits containers of 50 milliliters and smaller in size to the state’s bottle redemption program as of January 2019. LePage vetoed the bill saying that it was not the best way to address frequency with which nips are thrown on the side of the road. He said Maine should increase and enforce littering penalties or stop the sale of nips in Maine altogether.

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The Big Idea

High school students have developed drink straws that detect date rape drugsThe so-called Smart Straws turn blue when placed in a drink that contains either ketamine or GHB, two common date-rape drugs; if there’s no color change, the drugs are not present.

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