How to help people who are homeless when it’s cold

It’s cold outside and not everyone has a place to stay. If you’re looking to lend a hand to somebody sleeping on the streets of Portland, the most effective way is to probably ask him or her how you can help. That said, here are some local resources that might be useful:

  • Milestone Foundation runs an emergency shelter for men dealing with addiction and operates the Homeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement program, also known as the HOME Team, which works to help the homeless where they are from noon until 8 pm seven days a week.
    • It’s at 65 India St., Portland, ME 04101.
    • Call the shelter at 775-4790.  
    • Call the HOME Team at 838-8904.
  • Oxford Street Shelter is a city-run emergency shelter for men and women who don’t have anywhere else to sleep. It has a day room that’s open from 1:30 to 7:15 pm.
    • It’s at 203 Oxford St., Portland, ME 04101.
    • Call the shelter at 761-2072.
    • Intake for first time visitors to the shelter is at 6 pm.
  • Preble Street provides an array of services for the homeless and needy, including operating a soup kitchen and day room and helping people find permanent housing.
    • It’s at 38 Preble St., Portland, ME 04101.
    • Call Preble Street at 775-0026.