How a bike class is helping refugees to get around Portland

Marketplace this morning posted a cool story about Bikes for All Mainers, a class hosted at a local bicycle shop, where people can learn how to ride safely around town, as well as work on their own bikes.

The class, which is run out of Portland Gear Hub, is useful for refugees who live in Portland now — immigrants are twice as likely to get around on a bike, compared with those born in the U.S, according to Caroline Losneck’s report.

“We don’t always have the traffic signs or rules, or the same traffic signs and rules,” [instructor Coco] Kazadi told her. “So we need to be familiarized with what’s happening here.”

Kazadi, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, previously graduated from the class before becoming an instructor.

Listen to the story here:

Dan MacLeod

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